The Holidays – High Season for Divorce?

Although I do not believe there are any hard and fast statistics, the general impression among divorce and family law professionals is that January and February are “high season” for divorce and separation.  There are many theories about why this time of year sees so many couples calling it quits.  One idea is that couples whose relationships are already rocky look to the winter holidays as a magical time when their marriage or coupleship will somehow be repaired.  When January 1 rolls around and nothing has improved, many decide it’s time to make the split official.  Another theory is that the stress of the holidays puts additional strain on an already tenuous relationship and, by New Year’s Day, many have reached the breaking point. An alternate presumption is simply that a new year represents a great time to start fresh and focus on new beginnings.

Whatever the reason, if couples are going to split or divorce after the New Year, often they turn to alternative paths other than litigation, such as mediation.  Focusing on the positive, forward moving aspects of such a life transition has been found to help couples and families move on with less stress.  Particularly when kids are involved, mediation seems to be a method for keeping the family together emotionally even after an official separation.  Yes, you can rebound from a nerve-racking holiday season in a constructive, positive manner, so that you can look forward to future, truly, Happy Holidays!