Mediation for a Peaceful Divorce

Designed for couples with straightforward financials, our Divorce Mediation services offer a cost-effective alternative to pricey legal fees

For full-service Divorce Mediation or complex assets, please visit – Mediation for a Sophisticated Divorce

Mediation for a Simple (Uncontested) Divorce

Offering Document Preparation plus Mediator Guidance in Arizona

For full-service Divorce Mediation or complex assets, please visit – Mediation for a Sophisticated Divorce

Made Easier

divorce made easier

The number one question that many couples ask at the beginning of the divorce process is “Will I be OK?” Using Mediation, you and your family will be OK…

the Overwhelm

overcome the overwhelm

Does the thought of divorce or separation overwhelm you? Affordable Mediation provides “bite size” steps that make it easier on you. Your mediator will provide…

How Are We

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We focus exclusively on divorce mediation and keep current on the most up-to-date legal and financial issues that could impact your divorce process…

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About Us

Being an attorney for 31 years, I have been almost constantly frustrated with the litigation and court process. I witnessed clients struggle with huge financial costs, emotional wear and tear, fighting, and unpredictable rulings that characterize the litigation process. This is why I founded Affordable Mediation.

Since 2010, Affordable Mediation’s mediators have been using our legal backgrounds, counseling skills, and Mediation training to help divorcing couples move forward with their lives. We believe that families can emerge from a divorce better than they were before. We have mediated well over 3000 divorce cases with almost every case finding a mutually acceptable settlement and avoiding court and the stress of litigation.

After opening our doors in our first North Central Phoenix office in 2010, we’ve been fortunate to expand to other locations in the West Valley (Goodyear, then Avondale) and East Valley (Tempe) to better serve couples in different parts of our Phoenix valley. Also, we’ve added quite a team since then, including our intern and Mediator, Lorena Benítez Garzón who established the Spanish speaking side of our business (and has relocated back to Ecuador, but still is available remotely), to now adding a Divorce Coach and mediator, Karen Dorsey. Our expanded team is here to help couples and families transition to a healthier future.

The Modern Mediation Advantage in Phoenix, AZ

Divorce mediation is extremely advantageous for couples considering divorce or separation. It is very economical, offering a low cost alternative to divorce litigation. Divorce mediation sessions are private in a comfortable and informal atmosphere. The process is positive, empowering, and efficient. In contrast to divorce litigation, in divorce mediation your mediator will keep the dialogue constructive and focused on the outcome that works best for you and your family. With divorce mediation, you retain control over your future. Your divorce mediator will work with you to develop creative outcomes and choices for your unique circumstances. The focus is completely on you and what you need to be OK.

Modern Mediation is conveniently located in north central Phoenix and Avondale near several major highways. We also have meeting space in Mesa. For added convenience, we offer eMediation so you can participate in your mediation session from the comfort of your home or office.