Karen Dorsey

Karen Dorsey, M.Ed., CDC

Karen Dorsey, M.Ed., CDC has joined Affordable Mediation to provide couples moving forward through divorce with support and tools to help them emerge stronger.  With a background in education and counseling,  Karen has three decades of experience working with individuals and families going through difficult transitional life events. Her career started as a teacher and school counselor before going into private practice and working as a therapist for children, adolescents, and families.

After experiencing her own divorce, Karen realized she was not equipped with the skills, information, and emotional support that is necessary to successfully navigate the divorce process. This led her to move from therapy to focusing on helping others through this challenging time in their lives. So, Karen became a Divorce Mediator and a Certified Divorce Coach® specializing in pre-mediation and co-parenting coaching. Karen is also trained in the Collaborative Divorce process.

Her greatest satisfaction is witnessing her clients emerge from the despair of divorce ready to take on the next chapter of their lives.

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Use this checklist to make sure you’re properly prepared for your next steps and ensure that you are considering important items in preparing for your Divorce Mediation. We have compiled this list from years of helping couples and families through mediation.

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