Our 5-Step Divorce Mediation Process ©

Step 1: Order the pre-Mediation package

To keep your costs down as much as possible, you are provided a pre-mediation homework package designed to help both of you get organized for your first mediation session. Your $50 payment for the Pre-Mediation Homework Package applies to your Mediation Services, so there’s no extra cost and little risk!

Step 2: Schedule your first mediation session

Your first joint 2-hour mediation session with your Mediator will be very comprehensive and help you both explore all your options for moving forward before ever committing to anything. At the end of the session, you will be provided a detailed summary of what was discussed, a list of action items to work on between sessions, tentative agreements reached (non-binding, in good faith), and next steps. Most couples reach full agreement in 1 – 3 mediation sessions.

Step 3: File your First Set of Court Documents

We prepare your initial court filings (Petition package and Acceptance of Service) in a neutral manner, so you can start the court process and the 60-day clock before having to decide anything. The manner in which we prepare your initial filings keeps you out of the litigation process so you won’t be required to attend hearings or file any litigation motions. We will have a courier file everything at the court for you, or for additional savings, we will provide written instructions on how to file it yourselves (typically 5-10 minutes at the filing counter).

Step 4: Decide on a Financial Division
and a Parenting Plan

Your Mediator will help you get a full picture of your community finances and guide you through decisions to help you both meet your individual and family goals, given your particular financial situation. Items discussed will include division of assets and debts and spousal maintenance. If you have minor children, you will also be assisted in making decisions around parenting time, child support, legal decision-making and kids’ expenses.

Step 5: Finalize Your Consent Decree of Divorce

We will prepare all of your final divorce documents including your Consent Decree of divorce and associated documents. We will have a courier file everything at the court for you, or for additional savings, we will provide written instructions on how to file it yourselves (only one of you would spend a few minutes at the filing counter). Once filed, the Judge will likely sign and mail back your final divorce decree within a few weeks. The date stamped on the front of your Consent (divorce) Decree will be your official divorce date.

Get Prepared for Divorce Mediation

Use this checklist to make sure you’re properly prepared for your next steps and ensure that you are considering important items in preparing for your Divorce Mediation. We have compiled this list from years of helping couples and families through mediation.

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