Divorce Mediation

A Peaceful, Sophisticated Divorce. We serve Arizona with a friendlier, compassionate alternative to costly court battles and expensive attorney fees.

Mediation Sessions

For full-service divorces with basic or moderate assets, our Mediation 5-Step Process includes meetings with a professional, experienced divorce mediator and a divorce coach to answer any questions, provide assistance to both parties, and determine the appropriate “next step” for your specific situation. These sessions are the heart of the process and are where you will receive the benefit of professional, quality and sophisticated guidance and support to help you every single step of the way.

For more sophisticated community assets or high-net worth couples, you will experience the benefit of our Collaborative Team Mediation©  (CTM©) process where you will meet with some or all of the following professionals: a divorce/co-parenting coach, a financial neutral, a retirement specialist and/or attorney consultants.

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Affordable Mediation and Modern Mediation work with both parties to develop a Divorce Settlement Agreement with mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions for your divorce or separation. These terms and conditions cover all aspects that need to be addressed when two people are transitioning to separate lives including, but not limited to, child custody, property division, asset/debt division and management, parenting decision-making, court processes and spousal maintenance.

You will be given a legal framework that explains these topics and specific step-by-step guidance about every decision you need to make to protect yourself and your family. With more than 31 years legal experience, Mara Linder takes care to make sure that your Divorce Settlement Agreement is comprehensive, workable, legally enforceable, and includes clarifying provisions to help avoid future disputes.

This is the most important document you will create, so it is crucial that you get it right. Affordable Mediation and Modern Mediation’s expertise will provide you with an extremely high quality, professional Divorce Settlement Agreement tailored to your specific situation that will include protection for both of you in the future. Financial and property division provisions will be customized to make sense for your unique circumstances and to ensure your financial continuity.  With complex financial estates a collaborative mediation team of tax, estate, financial and/or retirement professionals, as well as a divorce/co-parenting coach will further support you in reaching sensible, workable agreements.  We use a creative approach to maximize your wealth beyond the divorce process.

If you have minor children, we will help you develop a detailed Parenting Plan based on quality time with your children, focusing on what is in your children’s best interest, as well as the best arrangement for your family. Systems and resources will be provided so that your family will not only survive but can thrive in a post-divorce life.

Family Support and Resources

Many people choose mediation because they want to create a happier and healthier future for their family. Affordable Mediation goes beyond the legal and paperwork aspects of a divorce to support you and your family with the difficult everyday emotional process. Many parents are faced with challenging questions: “What do I tell my kids? How do I communicate with my ex? How do we still raise our children together?” Affordable Mediation is here to provide you with the emotional support and resources to help you take control of your family’s future.

Document Preparation

Affordable Mediation prepares, completes and files the appropriate paperwork needed for a legal separation or divorce. Affordable Mediation ensures that all legal aspects are addressed, making the filing process as quick and pain free as possible. Preparation and filing of all your court documents is included in the process.  The Court requires that every party pay the Court’s filing fees, regardless of the process they use for divorce or separation. In certain circumstances, the Court will defer or waive its filing fees. Affordable Mediation can provide you information on how to request such assistance from the Court.


Years before COVID, we went virtual and paper-free in order to serve people from across the country and still provide  quality, caring and face to face service.  As one of the first to use eMediation (remember Skype?), our approach was one of the most unique and innovative forms of mediation in the country. We continually upgrade our systems to utilize the latest in video conferencing and technology to offer great mediation systems and processes without the limitations of time and space.  Currently, we are working on web-based platforms to take your user experience to an even higher level.  Stay tuned.


Financial Guidance

Support is provided from start to finish with all the tools and resources you need to determine your family’s financial future including detailed worksheets to organize your property and finances. Affordable Mediation will assist you in developing a financial plan to try to result in both of you remaining as financially stable and whole as possible in your unique circumstances. Instead of leaving it up to the Court to divide up your property, we can work together to create alternative solutions that will be more financially beneficial to each of you. Spousal maintenance (alimony) issues will be explained and discussed. Affordable Mediation will help you negotiate workable arrangements so that both of your financial goals can be reasonably met. Loss of job provisions can be incorporated to address the uncertainties in today’s market. Workplace re-entry and/or additional educational plans will be evaluated and considered so that such transitions can be realistically achieved.  With more sophisticated community estates, financial and legal professionals can be added to your team for a true collaborative mediation.