Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation

Who wants their divorce to fund their attorney’s newest Maserati? No one! Well, maybe some of those “burn all the bridges” couples who want only to eat each other alive in court, no matter the cost. But, for the rest of you, there is no need to explode every aspect of your normal life and burn money just because the marriage didn’t work out.

Some couples are capable of putting the big picture front and center, and for those couples, mediation means you can work in tandem to accomplish your goals in a much more relaxed and effective way.  Let’s look at the pros and cons of using a divorce mediator.

Here are those Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation


  • Your attorney won’t be able to get their 2nd summer house
  • You won’t get to miss days eternally waiting in a courtroom for your hearings
  • You won’t get to smear each other on a public record for future generations to find
  • You won’t get to experience the agonizing drama of endless bureaucratic nonsense
  • You won’t get to see your attorneys sparring in front of you and causing trouble to extend their hourlies, and then catch them having a drink and a laugh after hours
  • Lack of formal rules so you can’t wander through a minefield of courtroom intricacies and rules, going forever two steps forward and one step back (see first ‘con’)


  • You will both keep much more of your money
  • You will have a reasonable solution, quickly attained, that works for you
  • You will keep your heart rate in the correct range for (most) of the time
  • You can have a peaceful parting of the ways, with both parties protected by an independent neutral who has everyone’s best interest at heart and no independent agenda
  • You don’t have to spend months or years in conflict
  • Better long term relationship with an ex-partner which is vital if you have kids, but even couples without children benefit enormously from leaving any negativity behind.
  • Far easier on the children, and easier for each partner to move forward with their life

We Know that Divorce Is Not a Joke

We are obviously having some fun with these, but, if you are living this, you know how serious it is, and so do we. In fact, there are some legitimate reasons you may not want to use a mediator. For example, if one partner is hampered by drug/alcohol addiction,  if there is spousal abuse, or if one partner is hiding assets, you may want to hire a lawyer. They can advise you during mediation, or you can choose to go to court. We want you to use the system that is best for you; even if that isn’t us.

We may want to add a little levity on our blog, but here at Affordable Mediation we will help you navigate to a win-win and we always do it seriously, calmly, and effectively; without the drama. Call us right away if we can be of service. You can find us at or give us a call at 602-714-7447.