Post-Divorce: How to Modify your Arizona Parenting Plan, Child Support or Parenting Time

You are divorced, you have a court ordered parenting plan, but it’s not working anymore or things have changed. How do you modify it? As a Phoenix Divorce Mediator, this is a call I receive quite often.

Basically, you can either petition to Modify your Child Support and/or Parenting Plan or you and your ex can agree to modify these things. But, what is the first step? Well, under Arizona law, most Parenting Plans have mediation requirements in them before you can take your issues to the Judge. Therefore, in many cases if you file a motion for modification, a Judge will likely require that you and the other parent attend mediation first. If you can’t agree in mediation, then you should be able to present your case to a Judge and let him/her decide.

To expedite the process, however, both parents can simply go straight to mediation and try to work everything out together. If agreements are reached, a mediator who is a licensed Arizona attorney may prepare the modification paperwork for you or you can do it yourselves. Many parents are finding this is a quicker, less expensive, more successful option than going through the courts.

Affordable Mediation is pleased to announce the addition of experienced mediator, Judith Lewis-Thome, to our company. Judy has vast experience in mediating parenting plan modifications and, in fact, is the former Supervisor of Conciliation Services for Maricopa County Superior Court’s Family Court. If you are seeking professional guidance and help with your Parenting Plan, Judy is an excellent resource.

Additionally, Mara Linder, owner of Affordable Mediation, is one of the Court-approved Family Mediators on the Family Court roster. She is also available to assist with your post-divorce parenting issues.