Mediators Do More Than Moderators Of Presidential Debates

Does communication with your spouse feel like a recent 2020 Presidential Debate?  From watching recent presidential and vice-presidential debates, do you feel like a mediator couldn’t do much better than a moderator?

Unlike a moderator who tries, sometimes unsuccessfully, to keep discussions on track and have presidential candidates follow the rules, divorce mediators actually manage the discussions and the emotions during communications between a couple.

Depending on mediator style, divorce mediators can and should keep people from interrupting and talking over each other.  Divorce mediators remind couples and put interventions in place to keep discussions respectful. The rules of mediation allow couples to express emotions in a productive way and keep conversations moving forward.

Although some sessions can feel overwhelming and even exhausting given how personal and emotional the topic of divorce can be, if you feel like you’ve just been through a 2020 Presidential debate, then your mediator is not doing his or her job.

I imagine being a moderator of a Presidential debate is no easy feat, and I’m not criticizing anyone’s performance in recent days, but my job as a mediator is to go further and help you both reach workable agreements in a safe, compassionate setting so you can go forward empowered and not only cast your vote on the path of your future, but be the final decision-maker in electing how the rest of your life looks!

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