In Inauguration Or In Divorce: Choose The Path To Peace And Healing

As we as a nation, regardless of political leanings, yearn for a better future and path forward for ourselves, our families and our country, the Biden Inauguration can be looked at as a symbol of healing.  This is one in many significant transitions affecting many of our lives right now.  And, although the stressors of this last year has brought couples to re-evaluate their lives and decide to divorce or separate, why can’t that also be done in a peaceful, healthy way?

Working with hundreds of couples going through divorce through the mediation process has taught me that the power of peace and healing lies in the individuals themselves and their innate ability to persevere and emerge stronger through conflict and crisis.  When couples consciously choose an alternative, like mediation, to the often nasty, stressful, antagonist process of litigation, they have taken the first step towards a more peaceful future.

As we know change and upheaval is inevitable, but as we also know it is how we approach and move through these periods of transition that define us and give us strength.

So, as Inauguration Day approaches, and our new year is underway, my wish is for each of us to seek and find peace, strength, and contentment through the paths and processes we choose.