How Will New Supreme Court Justices Impact Our Lives?

It has been just under two weeks since Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. This kind of significant news that has the ability to impact the country for decades gets us all talking about who will fill the vacancy, what cases will be heard or changed, and (of course) the nomination and confirmation commotion.

After days of speculation, President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh, a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, as his nominee to fill the vacancy on the most-powerful court in the country. Whether Kavanaugh gets confirmed or not, which cases the Supreme Court will hear first will all play out shortly. This change to the Supreme Court will make its mark on the history of America, and could have significant impact on our lives, but exactly how remains to be seen.

The Supreme Court is only nine of the more than 3,000 federal judges in the United States.  In Arizona, we have more than 30 federal judges in our district courts.   Arizona judges have a consistently busy caseload.  It is estimated that our family court judges who hear divorce cases in Maricopa County have a caseload of 800 divorce cases each. Arizona’s legal system is busy!

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