Feeling Stressed? Three Ways to Lower Your Stress During a Divorce

Ending a marriage can be one of the hardest things an individual can experience. If there are children in the middle of the separation, the stress can be even harder to manage; particularly, when you are trying to protect your children.

Below are some things you can do today to manage your stress during your divorce. Start with one stress-reducer, then add another and another into your day and they can become routine.

  • Meditation + Breathing – don’t let this intimidate you, the only wrong way to meditate is to not meditate. It is easy and all you need is five minutes (everyone has five minutes somewhere in their day). A five-minute practice will help you sleep better, improve brain function and reduce the body’s production of stress-related chemicals. There are even apps to help you! Check out Headspace, The Mindfulness App or Calm.
  • Laughter – this is a great one to incorporate with kids! Laughter releases tension and is a good distractor to the stress in your life. Go see a funny movie or whatever makes you and your kids laugh. Laughter sometimes really is the best medicine.
  • Declutter – as your life changes during your separation or divorce, you may find some things too painful to look at anymore, or it may not be useful now that you are no longer married. Say goodbye to things that bring you down.
  • Bonus Stress Relievers – these can be incorporated into everyday activities to maximize your stress reducing efforts:
    • Be social – Go laugh with friends. Take a yoga class with friends. Join a hiking group. Surround yourself with people you enjoy, particularly your kids!
    • Get outside – If you want to meditate, try doing it outside. Go for a walk and work on your breathing for a few minutes. Or, take a walk with a friend!
    • Exercise – Exercise, like meditation, can be one of the best stress busters. Exercise outside, or with friends, or go hike one of many of the Phoenix or Arizona trails with your kids.

With Affordable Mediation, our highly-trained divorce mediators work with you to make this process as low-stress as possible by helping you prepare mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions for your divorce or separation; and by helping you create a happier, healthier future for your family. We are Central Arizona’s family-focused mediation service and emphasize the well-being of you and your family.

To learn more about other tips to follow during a divorce or separation, check out our blog about healthy tips during a divorce.