DIVORCE MEDIATION SERIES: A Step-by-Step Guide –Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?

Although there is not a linear process in choosing to divorce or to use a Divorce Mediator; in general, most people will cycle through similar steps.  This series focuses on the most common steps; regardless of the order in which you actually take them.

Today’s Blog post will focus on another step in considering Divorce Mediation: Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?

In most cases, divorce mediation is a preferable alternative to litigation, such as:

  • When you want to maintain control of the process and outcome
  • When you have an open mind in your approach to problem-solving
  • When you want to minimize stress
  • When you want to minimize the impact on your children
  • When you want to avoid the emotional and physical drain of litigation
  • When you are willing to compromise to achieve a win-win outcome
  • When you cannot predict the outcome at trial
  • When you want to avoid the expense of litigation
  • When you want to keep your personal information confidential
  • When you cannot afford high paid lawyers and expert witnesses
  • When you want a faster process
  • When you want to maintain respectful communication with your spouse
  • When you do not want  your schedule controlled by court appearances

Despite the many advantages of divorce mediation, there are some situations that may not be appropriate for mediation, such as:

  • When one party is victimizing or abusing the other
  • When one party seeks retribution
  • When one party refuses to participate in good faith
  • When alcohol or drug abuse prevents a party’s ability to effectively participate
  • When one party refuses to disclose information about assets/debts
  • When one party refuses to be flexible

Think about your situation and be honest with your spouse about your desire for a workable, more amicable divorce process.  You may end up with a healthier, more effective arrangement that allows you both to take positive steps toward your futures.