Divorce Mediation and Coronavirus: Video Conferencing to the Rescue

Real life goes on even as the Coronavirus disrupts our lives, and even as our government works to control the virus by putting much of ordinary life on pause. For some, real life includes the need to continue moving forward with a separation or divorce. The relationship is over and the partners need to move on, but the courts are not in normal session and much of the typical work of divorce has ground to a halt. It’s time for video conferencing divorce mediation.

The New Normal: Video Conferencing

When will the courts re-open with a regular schedule and when will normal life resume? We don’t know for sure. That uncertainty is stress-inducing for already stressed couples who are parting ways. Divorce in the time of coronavirus is complicated.

But there is some good news! The good news is that there is an even better option for divorcing couples and that is using video conferencing for divorce mediation to work out all the details in less time, with far less stress, and less money than using lawyers and court appearances.

According to Digital Times, the demand for video conferencing  divorce mediation is at an all time high in San Jose, California, and we have seen the same phenomena here in Arizona. It is doing so well because divorcing couples can use excellent mediators, like our team at Affordable Mediation , to resolve issues, avoid unnecessary delays, and reduce the stress and conflict normally associated with divorce. Now it can all be done efficiently online and your paperwork can be prepared to be presented to the court as usual. The majority of the litigation process,  on the other hand, is on hold or delayed for now as the courts work to keep people safe yet still do the important work of handling criminal, juvenile, and family cases.

How Does Video Conferencing Divorce Mediation Work?

You may have heard a lot of talk about Zoom meetings and other online conferencing options. The process is simple and we make it at stress free as possible since we are experts and have been offering eMediation for years. We innovated with this type of mediation long before Covid-19 came to our shores because we strive to provide unparalleled mediation services to people around the country. We found that some clients might be residing in different parts of the Arizona, out-of-state, and even out-of-country,, but still need the same level of “face to face”, high quality, caring mediation.

The process is simple:

  • Contact us to learn about our 5-step mediation process.
  • We’ll give you the information you need to prepare for our meetings.
  • We’ll work together to schedule a time to meet virtually in a safe, secure meeting room that allows us to converse as if we were in the room together.
  • You will receive an email with a link to click and, if necessary, a code to enter for security.
  • We will all be able to see and hear each other in a split screen allowing for excellent communication.
  • We will cover what ground we can in as few meetings as possible until we have accomplished your goals for your divorce.
  • We prepare your paperwork and can even file for you, if you choose that option.
  • Your divorce can be finalized by the courts and you can get on with your life.

When you meet online, you avoid the risk of infection and you save considerable money by using mediation instead of lawyers. Lawyers have the agenda of getting the best deal for their individual client, so you are automatically in conflict, even if you might actually  prefer to find a middle ground upon which you can both agree. With mediation, we are always focused on that middle ground and finding the best outcome for the couple and/or the whole family unit. You will spend less time in reaching agreements, thereby saving money, and you are only hiring one firm, like us, rather than two separate legal firms who charge by the hour and who therefore benefit from extended disagreements.

Schedule Your Stay-Healthy Mediation Session

We are proud of our innovations, like video conferencing divorce mediation, and our 5 step process. This is what we do and what we have always done for our 13 years in business. We innovate to provide the best mediation service for you, and we do that for every client, every time. So we are more than prepared to help you with your video conferencing divorce mediation. You can avoid the stress, delays and expense of litigation, and instead move forward with your life. Even in the time of coronavirus. Give us a call at 602-714-7447 or visit us at https://affordablemediationaz.com/.