Considering a “Covidivorce?” Covidivorce Mediation Can Help

Spending time together locked in the house making you consider a CoviDivorce?

Although many couples who already have made the decision to divorce are still moving forward with the process, others are putting their divorces on hold as uncertain economic futures make it difficult to reach financial agreements during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

However, being self-isolated in close quarters with the spouse you were ready to divorce adds a whole new level of stress to the already devastating decision to end your marriage.  Does it still make sense to live together?  Is it best to wait and see what happens before trying to separate out finances?  Will you both still have jobs and income?  How will you divide time with the kids if you want to keep them quarantined in one place?

In China, reportedly divorce filings surged as arguments intensified between quarantined couples.  I imagine we will see similar statistics here once the crisis eases.   Regardless, if and when couples decide to move forward with divorces during or after this pandemic, the same issues will still need to be addressed and, in my opinion, the traditional litigation path with lawyers, likely won’t provide any guidance or help.

Fortunately, divorce mediation, errr….Covidivorce Mediation….will allow couples to be flexible during these fluid times.  We can prepare property agreements and parenting plans that have flexible provisions that will allow modification of terms as finances and living situations change.  We can leave incomes tied jointly until one or both are re-employed or finances otherwise improve.  We can set up temporary parenting time schedules that account for self-isolation procedures but also have more long-term schedules that will trigger once restrictions have lifted.  We can be as creative as needed to meet everyone’s goals and needs during this pandemic.  Also, we are still one of the most cost-effective, professional divorce services available, which is even more important given the financial strain not only inherent in divorce, but additionally so with this Coronavirus crisis.

So, although it’s a relatively new term in our new world vocabulary, “Covidivorce” seems pretty apt for these strange times.  Let me know how we can help.