Workout Therapy and Other Stress Reduction Techniques During Divorce

I’m obsessed with Orange Theory Fitness. I own almost all the T-shirts! OTF is a workout studio that offers all your cardio and weight training in a group personal training atmosphere. In thinking about why I’m so addicted, I realized it’s my therapy hour – the one time during the day where literally no one can reach me. I’m unplugged, tuned out and hyper focused on whether my heart rate is in the Orange zone. Disasters, sick kids, mediation client emergencies – all must wait for 60 minutes while I’m engaging in workout therapy.

I think about how so many of my divorce mediation clients are dealing with the stresses and emotions of the divorce process in addition to regular life pressures. In this fast-paced life we all live, it is increasingly important to find a healthy release from stress. As a Phoenix divorce mediator, I’ve noticed some of my mediation clients turn to diet and exercise, while others plan adventures or even go back to school for that degree that was never started or finished. Those that find these outlets report to me that they have emerged from the divorce process healthier and happier.

Although we all know by now how important stress reduction is, many people still do not seek healthy outlets for their tensions when moving through the divorce process.  I’ve been seeing adult coloring books for sale in several shops these days. What a great idea! Do you remember how much fun it was just to sit down and color? If that is not your cup of tea, here is an article that discusses some other simple stress relief techniques that you could try. What has worked for you? Read Article.