What is a Certified Divorce Coach®?

Affordable Mediation is thrilled to welcome Certified DivorceCoach® Karen Dorsey to our team!  She is available to work with you during your divorce mediations or, if you are not mediating, as your Coach before, during or after your divorce.

But, what is a Certified Divorce Coach® and what does she do?

A divorce coach is a professional whose work is future-focused and there to help you with a goal-oriented, step-by-step process to navigate through your divorce and beyond. With the guidance and support of a divorce coach, you will have a safe and calm space to explore options and process those difficult emotions.

A Coach can be helpful if you’re:

  • Trying to decide whether you should move forward with divorce
  • Struggling with managing the divorce process and need someone to be your thinking partner so that you know you’re not making costly mistakes during this emotionally overwhelming time in your life

A Certified Divorce Coach® helps prepare their clients, one step at a time, to develop a sense of control during this challenging time when many feel like their lives are coming apart at the seams.

Other ways that a Certified Divorce Coach® can help you:

  • Should you stay or should you go? – helping you with that difficult decision.
  • Dealing with the shock, fear, anger, stress and anxiety that you may be feeling regardless of whether you are initiating the divorce, or your spouse is.
  • Understanding the different ways you can get divorced – DIY, mediation, collaborative process, and litigation – what might work best for your situation.
  • Preparing you for mediation through New Ways for Families Pre-Mediation Coaching.
  • Co-Parenting with a difficult ex when you are trying to keep the best interest of the children at the center and not in the middle of your divorce.
  • Creating an action plan that breaks down the critical steps necessary so that there is nothing you may miss that will keep you awake at night.
  • Dealing with a “high conflict” spouse – how do you navigate the rough waters so that you will have the skills to respond instead of react to the behaviors that can throw you into the old patterns of dysfunction.
  • You never thought you would be in this place – now what? Processing grief and loss, leaving your home/neighborhood, working after being a stay-at-home parent, healthy boundaries with your ex, and even dating after divorce.

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