What Happens in a Divorce Mediation Session

My divorce mediation service centers around mediation sessions. I tailor these sessions specifically for each couple, so we explore your individual and family goals together, as well as evaluate options given your goals, personal sense of fairness, and realistic financial positions.

During the sessions, the couple and I are the only people in the room. I discourage bringing children to the session as the content is sensitive and may be inappropriate for children.  I also do not allow attorneys to attend our mediation sessions. The session is about the couple and their family and what is important to them.

Some other things you should know about our sessions:

  • Sessions tend to be about two hours. More time than that is overwhelming, and less time is less productive. We cover a lot of substantive information in these sessions.
  • Sometimes, multiple sessions are needed. Our approach is to encourage the couple to do as much discussion and decision-making on their own, with our guidance.  This tends to keep costs down and requires fewer sessions.
  • To help couples prepare and make sessions more productive, we provide a homework package prior to the first mediation session which helps organize information and thoughts for the session.  Also, see our Download!
  • You have the option to meet at our office or through eMediation. Our office is set up as a comfortable space to have open and honest conversations.  We also can meet in a conference room if you prefer.

Mediation Sessions with a Heart

Our sessions follow our client-centered positive psychology approach. It’s all about what the couple decides is the best way to move forward for everyone and how best to meet their individual needs and, if they have kids, their kids’ needs.

I accept each person where they are in the moment.  Divorce is emotional and can be heartbreaking and scary.  I try to be understanding and non-judgmental and open to ever-changing feelings during the divorce process.

My entire mediation approach is based on the principles I learned from my Counseling background – it’s client-centered.  The couple knows what is best for each of them and their kids. Couples sometimes just need an objective outsider to manage the emotions and discussions and help them focus on their priorities.

Our Unique Approach to Divorce Mediation

I think that there are a lot of different mediation approaches that can be very effective.  However, I personally believe the more positive-psychology approach works better for couples in the long run.  Also, not having attorneys present in our mediation sessions really lends itself to better, more lasting agreements with more positive feelings towards the other person.  It takes the “litigation” experience (battling in court, attorneys taking extreme unreasonable positions) out of the process and ensures a more collaborative divorce and co-parenting relationship.

If you’re considering Divorce Mediation, call me today (602-714-7447). We’ll have a short phone consultation to review your situation and our process. Or, download our Divorce Mediation Preparation Checklist to get an idea of what’s coming.