What does Divorce Mediation Cost in Phoenix, Arizona

We get a lot of inquires asking “what does mediation cost?”  For me, I immediately think “a ton less than hiring attorneys.”  I understand that price is a factor in seeking out services, but do you really want the cheapest mediation service you can find when looking at making extremely important life decisions around your finances and kids?

Because our mediation fees are tremendously lower than the cost of hiring 2 separate attorneys, I think the numbers speak for themselves; especially given that our Mediators are Arizona licensed attorneys and have a background in counseling with a positive psychology approach.  But what about the other “costs” of divorce?  The following illustration may help:


The “COSTS” of Divorce

Mediation vs Attorneys

Modern Mediation

Starting at $8,500

$5,500 for Mediation Lite(c)


$50,000 – $100,000+

Type of ProcessCollaborative* Amicable* PeacefulAdversarial* Win-Lose* Lengthy Battle
Time FrameTypically 3-5 MonthsTypically 12-36 Months

Collaborative Mediation Sessions with your shared Mediator

No Involvement with the Court

You both make all decisions

2 Separate Attorneys, Discovery, Hearings (Court Appearances), Motions, Expert Witnesses, Depositions

Judge makes all your decisions unless your attorneys negotiate a settlement

Fees IncludeMediator Fees for 1 – 4 sessions, preparation and follow-up summary, preparation and filing of your initial court documents, preparation of your Property Settlement Agreement, Consent Decree, Parenting Plan, Child Support Order and associated documents and exhibits, revisions, research, coordinating with your other professionals (retirement, trust, accounting), if applicable, all admin fees, finalization of all of your Decree documents, email/text/phone correspondence, follow-up and closingAttorney time, expert witness fees, court fees, admin fees, assistant fees, email feels, phone fees, document review and drafting fees – usually billed in 10-minute intervals

Maintain Friendship

Amicable Co-parenting

Gentler Process

Keeps Communication Open

Quicker (Value Your Time)

Move Towards Peace

Maintain Control

Maximize Financial Resources

Support Throughout

100s of Hours 

Each Side Trying to Win the War

Breakdown in Communication

Negative Impact on Couple, Family, Kids




Can Take an Emotional Toll

Very Expensive – Financial Burden

Attorney InvolvementIf Needed (Trust, Family, Business)100% Involved – billing for every step, email, call, review, motion, hearing, drafting

If you value a more peaceful, amicable process, call us at Affordable Mediation for a free consult to discuss your situation at 602-714-7447