Three Tips for Success in Setting Co-Parenting Boundaries After Divorce

by Co-parenting Coach, Karen Dorsey

When you’re going to be sharing parenting time with your ex, working on a new dynamic of how your family relationship is going to look can create a huge amount of stress.

Here are three tips to help you get started down this new and often challenging path:

  • Set conversational boundaries

One of the hardest boundaries to set is understanding that you are no longer is a romantic relationship or a couple with your co-parent. At the very beginning of your co-parenting relationship, establish a boundary that your conversations will be primarily around the children.

  • Plan for regular discussion about the children’s issues

Having conversations on a regular basis can eliminate misunderstandings and conflict, but these do not need to be on a daily schedule. They should not be during drop off/pick up time.  Maybe weekly and as special situations arise. Consider using your best listening and communication skills that you have learned with your co-parenting coach.

  • Keep things businesslike

Set a boundary around not discussing your personal lives or each other’s families. Think about how you would talk to a colleague or co-worker and communicate that way with your co-parent.

Our Co-Parenting Coach, Karen Dorsey, specializes in helping with communicating and setting boundaries even if you are dealing with a difficult co-parent. You don’t need to do this alone.

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