The 5-Step Mediation Process at Affordable Mediation

“Divorce Made Easier” is more than a motto with us. It’s how we do things. Divorce can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a simpler, more peaceful process to help couples move forward more quickly and productively and get back to living a healthy life. Our goal is to get you and your spouse back on track and refocus on the important things in life, like your kids, careers, health, hobbies, and friendships.

The 5-Step Divorce Mediation Process

This simple, compassionate 5-Step Process is:

  1. Get organized: Use our simple tools to get everything organized to save both of you time and reduce stress.
  2. Your First Mediation Session: We’ll explain and review all options with both of you. Nothing is final at this point. You’ll have another 1-3 sessions to iron out details. This first session will set you at ease and put you in control of your divorce.
  3. File Court Documents: We prepare and file your documents to get the legal process started, so that you can stay out of court and focus on your agreements.
  4. Create a Financial Division and Parenting Plan: As these are often the points of most contention, your mediator will walk you through the process to ensure that you both meet your financial and family goals.
  5. Finalize Your Consent Decree of Divorce: We prepare, deliver and file the Consent Decree of Divorce, and your divorce is done. Peace.

Learn more and start organizing!

We Do Mediation Differently

Each mediation practice is different.  We find that some mediation companies may complicate the process by requiring additional sessions or time that really aren’t necessary. We believe that if a couple receives the right guidance and support, they will work through things and reach agreement much more quickly and collaboratively, rather than spending more time in the divorce process.

Divorce Mediation Helps Stay Out of Court

Our 5 Step Process is a very “uninvolved with the court” experience.  We focus on your goals and the family’s goals, all with a sense of fairness. All along the way, our process supports everyone in a way that moves them forward as gently, amicably and quickly as makes sense for them.

An Easy, Fair Process

As you can see, our process is designed around you and your spouse. We do as much as we can on our end to make your divorce smooth, easy, fair, and compassionate. That’s why we created this 5-Step Process to help you find a clear path through your divorce.

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