Thanksgiving Baby Steps

Although it was hard to beat last year’s Thankful for Online Shopping sentiments, for Thanksgiving this year, I am going to try.

I didn’t think 2022 could be more challenging than 2021, but in a lot of ways it was:  product shortages, workforce challenges, canceled flights, lost luggage, no refunds, interest rate hikes, layoffs, injuries, illness, loss of love ones, plus I find myself working more, not less, and having very limited free time.

So, I tried to reframe where I am right now (besides utterly exhausted) and a phrase from the movie “What About Bob” popped into my head.  Besides being totally hilarious – gotta love Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfus and “fun fact” the actress from Law & Order – that movie had some great advice.  So, I ran to pull out my DVD copy (yes, I know I can stream it).

I decided that the best way to move through life and find some fun, peace and happiness was to follow the advice in that movie.  Baby Steps!!  Ok, now it’s called Mindfulness, but I’m going with Baby Steps for this one.

Instead of focusing on how am I going to (insert challenge of choice here), I’m going to pause, take a breath (thanks Calm app), and take 1 baby step at a time and not worry about what’s at the top of the hill (or was that bottom of the hill? Or other side of the hill?).  Taking things as baby steps allows me to appreciate the moment and look around figuratively and literally and appreciate the Pumpkin Spice of life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!