Thankful for Online Shopping

This year I decided to query my 10-year old twins about what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

  • Twin 1 immediately responded “Family, Friends……and Shopping Online!”
  • Twin 2 snored (guess I should have asked BEFORE bedtime)

At first, I was thinking, “well, at least she put family and friends first.”

But, then, it hit me.  Online shopping is a lot more meaningful in so many ways since the pandemic.  It was the first safe way to obtain necessities (not including tp and chlorox).  You could shop for your daily groceries, toiletries, clothing and masks.

You could shop for services and actually receive those services online, like counseling, mediation (yes, even divorce mediation), and doctors.

You could shop for daily meditations, sleep stories, and music.

All these items available online that literally helped us all survive and, in some cases, thrive through an unusual and very trying time.

So, yes, daughter, when you are asked at Thanksgiving about being thankful, go ahead and express your appreciation for Online Shopping!