Overcome the Overwhelm

Does the thought of divorce or separation overwhelm you?

Affordable Mediation provides “bite size” steps that make it easier on you. Your mediator will provide a logical sequence of smaller negotiated steps so that you overcome the overwhelm.

  • You can count on specific step-by-step guidance about every decision you need to make
  • Support is provided from start to finish with all the tools you need
  • You will be provided with detailed worksheets to organize your property and finances
  • You will be given a legal framework that explains Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
  • You will have the necessary legal and financial information to reach acceptable agreements
  • You will be assisted in developing a detailed, workable parenting plan
  • The court process will be fully explained
  • You will not have to go to court to appear before a judge
  • You will avoid high legal costs typical of the average divorce
  • You will have less stress because the process is gentler on emotions and the wallet