Open Letter Against Racism

We stand against the racism and hate that continues to spread in our country and in the world.  We acknowledge that systemic racism exists. To those in our community that have experienced the pain of racism and prejudice, your voices matter. Change starts with awareness and open communication even when those discussions are hard and uncomfortable.  We are having those discussions right now with our families, children and friends and welcome the chance to dialogue with our clients, colleagues and community.  We promise to listen with an open heart and do what we can to help effect meaningful change.

With Kindness,

Mara Linder, Owner

Get Prepared for Divorce Mediation

Use this checklist to make sure you’re properly prepared for your next steps and ensure that you are considering important items in preparing for your Divorce Mediation. We have compiled this list from years of helping couples and families through mediation.

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    Document Preparation Only


    with kids


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