Non-Contact Procedures for Filing for Divorce

Your marriage may have gone “non-contact” recently, so why not make your divorce non-contact? With the COVID-19 crisis going on, we’re all about social distancing. But how does that work when you need to sign important documents and submit them to the courts? The laws are changing to accommodate you and your divorce needs.

The court is allowing the following non-contact procedures for filing for divorce.

Notarized Signatures on Divorce Documents

Arizona’s Governor accelerated a law that was going to take effect on July 1st, 2020 making remote notary services legal. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, these notary services are available now. Here are the details:

  • In lieu of a notary on documents that require a sworn verification, the court is allowing parties to provide copies of their driver’s licenses Per Administrative Order No. 2020-59.
  • For documents that don’t require a sworn verification, an unsworn declaration with a signature and date is sufficient.  Something like:

“I declare under penalty of perjury that I am the Petitioner/Respondent in the above-entitled matter and that the information in this ____ is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

You can choose from many companies offering e-notarization online.  There is typically a charge per document or per notarized signature. Two we’ve spoken with are and, but there are many others.

Filing The Divorce Court Documents

As you know from our 5-Step Divorce Mediation Process ©, there are two key points when divorce documents are filed. We start the 60-day clock with your Petition and Acceptance of Service package and finalize the divorce with the Consent Decree and associated documents. Now, all of this can be done without going to the courts.

  • Some documents can be e-filed via computer (you will still need either an unsworn declaration or a copy of your driver’s license depending on the type of document).
  • For documents that can’t be e-filed (Petitions, Consent Decrees), they can be mailed into the court.

Divorce Court Filing Fees

Filing Fees are paid directly to the courts, and now you can do those remotely.

  • For Petitions, you can mail in a note with your phone number and request a call back to pay your filing fee.  The call will come from a blocked number, so be sure to answer.
  • For other filing fees, you can just call 602-372-5375, Option 6, ask for family court. Always request a fee receipt number or ask for the receipt to be emailed to you

Consider a CoviDivorce!

If you’re considering going through with your divorce during this coronavirus crisis — or a CoviDivorce — you can get that done just like before. We continue to offer eMediation with remote mediation sessions. You don’t have to put your divorce on hold. 602-714-7447 today to learn more about our remote divorce options.