New Arizona Child Support Calculator

Copy of 2015-Child-Support-Calculator

A common question many of my Divorce Mediation clients ask is how much Child Support will be paid.  In mediation, typically we work with the Arizona Child Support Calculator, but also approach the numbers from a realistic financial and goal perspective.  Sometimes, the number the calculator totals is not workable for a family.  Other times, it doesn’t take into consideration unique situations, such as one parent paying for a significant percentage of the children’s costs.  Or maybe the number is just too low to cover the actual living expenses of the children.

In looking at the total picture, many of my divorce mediation clients mutually agree on a child support number that works for their family.  So, we use the Arizona Child Support Calculator as a tool, but often deviate from the bottom line.  New Child Support Guidelines go into effect July 1, 2015.  Above is an Excel copy of the new Child Support Calculator that you can use as a reference.  Feel free to discuss how it works with your mediator.