Mediation Lite©: Affordable and Express Divorce Mediation in Phoenix

I had been getting a lot of calls from Phoenix couples who had already  worked out their divorce agreements and were looking for help with their divorce documents and some guidance through the process. For these couples, full-blown mediation may not always be needed or wanted. So, I decided to offer an express divorce mediation option for those of you who would like this choice.

Affordable Mediation offers “Mediation Lite©:” a streamlined, professional express mediation tier starting at $5,500 ($4,500 without minor children). The price includes your court filing fees and notary fees. This is designed for couples who have major items already agreed and are looking for a seasoned professional to guide them through the legal nuances and document preparation.  It may also be a good fit for couples who don’t have complete agreements yet but have very basic financial portfolios/estates with just a house, retirement account(s), vehicles and credit cards.

You will meet with your mediator for an up to 1-hour Zoom mediation session where your questions will be answered and all of your divorce documents will be prepared or revised.  We will e-file initial documents for you and prepare/courier your final documents to the court, so you never have to see a Judge or go to Court. If you’d like to sign up, you can pay for the Mediation Lite© session HERE.

If you need more discussion/mediation to assist in reaching your final agreements, you can add on additional 2-hour mediation sessions at our hourly rate.  Please contact us at 602-714-7447 for more information.