Mediated Divorce Timeline©

As a Phoenix Divorce Mediator, I receive a lot of questions about the time it takes to get a divorce in Arizona. Well, depending on the process you and your spouse choose, it can be very lengthy or quite streamlined. For couples going through the traditional litigation process, a divorce can take 1 – 2 years (or longer), given all the hearings, motions, filings, and legal maneuvering that can occur.

In mediation, on the other hand, divorce or legal separation can be a very streamlined process. In fact, you can technically get a divorce in as little as 61 days. On average, however, most of my divorce mediation clients take 3-5 months. It really depends on your situation and whether it makes sense to speed things up or take more time.

To better illustrate the mediated divorce time process, I have created a Mediated Divorce Timeline ©.

Hope this helps!