Let’s Talk About Child Centered Divorce

July is officially Child Centered Divorce month. But what does that mean? It means awareness and effort behind a divorce that causes the least amount of impact to children. The separation of the family isn’t usually what causes the most harm to children, but often the environment leading up to and during a divorce is stressful for children of any age.

Many clients looking for an Arizona mediator come to Affordable Mediation because they want to create a happier and healthier future for their family. Because Affordable Mediation founder Mara Linder is both an attorney and a trained therapist with a master’s degree in Professional Counseling, our mediation process goes beyond the legal paperwork by supporting clients and their family. Working with Affordable Mediation means one mediator working with both parties to come to mutually-agreed upon provisions for a divorce or legal separation.

From answering challenging questions, including ‘What do I tell my kids? How will we still raise our children together?’, to providing clients the emotional support to take control of their family’s future, Affordable Mediation is here to support the full process with divorce mediation focusing on positive outcomes. Learn more about Affordable Mediation services and how divorce mediation can be the alternative path for your family.