Is a Prenup Unromantic?

According to one poll I recently read, 3% of married people have a prenuptial agreement (“Prenup”).  As a divorce mediator, many of my clients come in with prenuptial agreements when they are considering divorce.  In general, it does seem to make the divorce process less contentious and smoother given that many issues have already been discussed and pondered previously.

Yes, it may be not seem lovey-dovey to ask your intended to consider the “what ifs” of divorce while still in the love-struck stage.  However, how romantic is divorce?  And, shouldn’t you talk about and disclose your respective finances, spending styles and monetary expectations before you say “I do?”  So, is adding the Prenup talk to the discussion really that much of a stretch?  I look at it like any other insurance – better to have it and never need it.  But, if I do need it, I will be much happier knowing I’m covered.

Like any other important decision, the choice on whether to include a Prenup in a marriage is personal and situation-specific.  It seems it would be best for all involved to just approach the discussion with honesty and sensitivity…and maybe include a counselor or mediator!