Interesting Tidbits About Divorce

I have no idea if they are true or from reliable sources, but thought they were worth sharing:

  •  A divorce in the U.S. occurs every 10-13 seconds
  • 75% of divorced people remarry within 5 years
  • Ends in divorce:
    • 50% of 1st marriages
    • 67% of 2nd marriages
    • 74% of 3rd marriages
  • Military wives 2x as likely to end their marriages as military husbands
  • Number 1 cause of divorce: financial stress
  • Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate
  • Co-habitating couples are at a higher risk for divorce
  • Dancers are more likely to get divorced than waitpersons
  • If your sibling gets divorced, you are 22% more likely to get divorced
  • A divorce where parents continue to get along and have good relationships with the children is considered a “good divorce”

Given the prevalence and reality of divorce, why not strive for a “good divorce!”

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