How Long After Mediation is Divorce Final?

Ready to get this divorce going? Once a couple makes the decision to go through with divorce, one of the first questions we get is, “How long after mediation is my divorce final?” There are many factors that will affect when your divorce is legally finalized, including the mandatory 60-day waiting period. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get things going.

What Affects the Timeline for a Divorce Mediation

You may already have read through our simple 5-Step Divorce Mediation Process, so you are familiar with how we walk you and your spouse through your mediation and get your court documents filed. Still, these factors may affect the timeline:

  1. Finances: We will work with you to create a financial plan, dividing both assets and debts. The more complicated your portfolio, the longer it can take to come to an agreement.
  2. Children: The parenting plan is often the most important aspect of the process, ensuring a caring co-parenting situation moving forward.
  3. The Courts: We can file your final divorce decree on day 61. That doesn’t mean the court will be ready to do its work.
  4. Collaboration: If you and your spouse are in total agreement and ready to file an uncontested divorce, this will have a positive effect on the timing.
  5. Emotions: We specialize in working with both spouses to help manage emotions, and work fairly and compassionately. However, emotions can still prolong decisions.
  6. Attorneys: Once attorneys get involved, you can kiss your quick divorce goodbye. It’s now a war with many long, expensive battles to come.

Learn more about our Divorce Mediation Timeline

How long does it take for a divorce to finalize?

The simple answer is that a divorce in Arizona through mediation is typically three to four months, including that 60-day waiting period. Fortunately, Arizona is one of the easier states for a fast divorce.

What is the process for divorce in Arizona?

We make the process easy with our 5-Step Divorce Mediation Process. We start off with helping you get things organized and ready to go during that 60-day waiting period. Then, we do our mediation sessions, finalize the financial and parenting plans, and get your Divorce Decree signed and filed. That’s it.

Is there a waiting period for divorce in Arizona?

You may be wondering, “Why is there a 60-day waiting period for divorce in Arizona?” Well, It’s the law (AZLEG). It’s a cooling off period, to give you and your spouse time and space to make sure this is really what you want. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sit and do nothing. As we mentioned above, this is a great time to get organized or even finalize agreements.

Ready to Start the Clock?

If you’re ready to get that 60-day clock started, get started here, or give us a call at 602-714-7447. We’ll get things moving, do our first session, and file the initial court documents – Petition package and Acceptance of Service – to get things moving.