How Are We Different?

We focus exclusively on divorce mediation and keep current on the most up-to-date legal and financial issues that could impact your divorce process. Our background in both psychology and law enables us to provide you with a caring and comprehensive approach to your unique situation. This is just the beginning of what sets us apart.

  • All we do is Divorce Mediation. We are not distracted with an associated law practice or other types of mediation work
  • With our background in Counseling Psychology, we approach your divorce with a compassionate perspective for you and your family
  • With more than 21 years of legal experience, we take care to ensure that your divorce agreements are comprehensive, workable, legally enforceable, and provide future protection
  • Our pricing structure is unique. We offer low, affordable rates with no hidden fees and no deposits
  • We are the first Divorce Mediation company in Phoenix, Arizona to offer an innovative, convenient eMediation option
Get Prepared for Divorce Mediation

Use this checklist to make sure you’re properly prepared for your next steps and ensure that you are considering important items in preparing for your Divorce Mediation. We have compiled this list from years of helping couples and families through mediation.

    Pay as You Go | No Deposit or Retainer

    Mediation Services

    Individual Sessions


    minimum two hours per session

    Initial Court Documents


    Remaining Services (Flat Fee)


    with kids


    without kids

    Mediation “Lite”

    Document Preparation Only


    with kids


    without kids

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