Divorce Trends #1

What’s New in Divorce

Is there such a thing as a divorce trend? Actually, yes. Separating or divorcing couples have options to what comes next with their relationship and one trend we are seeing is couples creating a new version of their family with everyone still involved. Another is jointly maintaining their successful business together.

Divorced and Living Together

Couples can opt to create a home environment that includes both parents and children. This can be as tricky as it sounds. But when goals and conditions are spelled out and mutually agreed upon by both parties with a professional and experienced divorce mediator, there is a better chance for success.

Running a Business Together, Separated

Many couples start businesses together. And, similar to maintaining a home together after a marriage ends, navigating a business with a former spouse takes serious planning. Many couples don’t start their business by spelling out how the business will operate if they are no longer married, but this Financial Post article dives into some of those considerations.

Raising children together after a divorce is possible for couples who want that.

Running a successful business together after a divorce is possible for couples who want that.

Living together and taking family vacations together after a divorce is possible for couples who want that.

There is no one way to transition from married to separated or divorced. This is where mediation can make all the difference. Couples can craft their own terms and create a Mediated Divorce Settlement Agreement with mutually agreed-upon parameters for their divorce or separation.

Divorce mediation helps both parties move forward into their new life on their own terms. Learn more about Arizona’s leading divorce mediation team at Affordable Mediation.

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