Divorce Settlement Agreement

Affordable Mediation works with both parties to develop a Divorce Settlement Agreement with mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions for your divorce or separation. These terms and conditions cover all aspects that need to be addressed when two people are transitioning to separate lives including, but not limited to, child custody, property division, asset/debt division and management, parenting decision-making, court processes and spousal maintenance. You will be given a legal framework that explains these topics and specific step-by-step guidance about every decision you need to make to protect yourself and your family. With more than 18 years legal experience, Affordable Mediation takes care to make sure that your Divorce Settlement Agreement is comprehensive, workable, legally enforceable, and includes clarifying provisions to help avoid future disputes.  This is the most important document you will create, so it is crucial that you get it right. Affordable Mediation’s expertise will provide you with an extremely high quality, professional Divorce Settlement Agreement tailored to your specific situation that will include protection for both of you in the future.  Financial and property division provisions will be customized to make sense for your unique circumstances and to ensure your financial continuity. If you have minor children, Affordable Mediation will help you develop a detailed Parenting Plan based on quality time with your children, focusing on what is in your children’s best interest, as well as the best arrangement for your family.  Systems and resources will be provided so that your family will not only survive but can thrive in a post-divorce life.