DIVORCE MEDIATION SERIES: A Step-by-Step Guide – The Decision Whether to Divorce

Although there is not a linear process in choosing to divorce or to use a Divorce Mediator; in general, most people will cycle through similar steps.  This series will focus on the most common steps; regardless of the order in which you actually take them.

Today’s Blog post will focus on one of the first steps in considering Divorce Mediation: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The decision to separate or divorce is never easy.  Maybe one of you still wants to stay in the marriage.  Maybe you both are unsure if you want to leave the marriage, but don’t know if it will work out.  Or maybe you both are ready to move on, but are unsure of the best way to proceed.

Divorce Mediation is one option where you can explore your options before making any final decisions.  In a mediation session, you will both be able to discover what a divorce or separation would “look like” in terms of the financial considerations (e.g., how will you manage economically, how are retirement accounts divided), the physical issues (e.g., who will move out and where), the legal implications (e.g., what if one of you does not want to divorce or wants to move out-of-state), and the emotional decisions (e.g., how will we tell the kids, how will our relationship with our kids be affected).

You do not have to make any final decisions in order to attend a Divorce Mediation session.  It is just one pathway to helping you identify options and alternatives.