Divorce Mediation for the Digital Age – eMediation!

In this digital age of video chats, online meetings, and virtual reality, it only makes sense that I would offer our clients the convenience these technologies. With our eMediation service, anyone can enjoy worldwide access and the convenience of conducting mediation sessions when logistics or emotions prevent in-person meetings.

I saw a need to provide an alternative means to our Divorce Mediation Sessions, for those that would otherwise have to travel to meet. I also realized how much this service could help those that don’t want to meet in the same room with their spouse.

So Affordable Mediation became the first practice in Arizona to offer the eDR(TM) system to our clients. My focus has always been to bring compassion to the Divorce Mediation process, and eMediation helps maintain that compassion when emotions might normally run high when meeting in-person.

When can eMediation be helpful for you?

I often find that one or both parties in a divorce mediation reside out of the area or are traveling outside the state or even the country. I also find eMediation helps when clients need to meet outside of normal business hours or simply need the comfort of familiar surroundings to help settle emotions.

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What’s the difference between eMediation and ‘regular’ Mediation?

There are no differences in the services you receive. The only difference is in the location of the sessions. With modern video conferencing technology, our sessions are just as efficient and productive as an in-person meeting. eMediation also won’t cost you any additional fees. That said, eMediation can actually speed up the process due to the flexibility in meeting times and days, including keeping the process moving when one party is out of the area.

Why eMediation at Affordable Mediation?

From the beginning, I looked for ways to offer services that meet modern day communication styles.  Awhile back, I learned about virtual worlds, like Second Life, where people where holding counseling sessions with their avatars present.  I thought that might be a way to approach mediation in some cases where the parties may feel more comfortable opening up, when they were present as an avatar.  As a first step, I started offering eMediation (mediation sessions by video, or even phone) to see if people were comfortable with alternative meeting spaces. Interestingly, I’ve found that a lot of couples still want that in-person mediation session, at least for the first session, as divorce is such a personal process.  However, the use of eMediation is increasing as people get more used to our eWorld!

Who knows, maybe one day, we’ll fire up the virtual reality or light up our holograms for an even more unique way to divorce collaboratively!

If you’d like to know more about our Divorce Mediation services, including eMediation, contact me today for a quick phone consultation at 602-714-7447.