Divorce and World Series Tickets

I thought I’d buy my husband tickets to the World Series 2023 at Chase Field since we live in Phoenix and I had no idea what to buy him for his birthday.  Of course, I waited too long, and there were only single tickets left, oh wait a sec, I blinked, only 0 tickets left.  This reminded me of a divorce case involving splitting World Series tickets.  That case involved Chicago Cubs tickets not Arizona Diamondbacks tickets (potato, potahto – if a potato could play baseball), but when you’re talking about championship tickets in baseball, the value of good seats can be worth the price of your attorneys’ fees (maybe).

There are many forgotten items that may become part of the settlement in a divorce: airline miles, credit card points, time-share weeks, and, of course, Dunkin Donuts rewards.  There are no hard and fast rules for these types of items, but, typically, my mediation clients tend to find ways to share these items. For airline miles, some couples will purchase tickets for the other upon request. Others have traded credit card points for other high value assets, such as the higher priced vehicle or the Stanley water bottles.  As long as it feels fair to each person, they can split items however they wish.

In the case of the Chicago Cubs World Series tickets, the Judge ordered that the Husband keep the tickets, take their son to one of the games AND buy a new ticket for the Wife in a comparable section.  Not sure that was worth taking to trial, but I’m not a Cubs fan.