Current Trends In Divorce and Divorce Mediation

Emerging into Spring means embracing the new divorce trends that we have started blossoming in 2023. As divorce mediation continues to grow in popularity, we’re looking at the year ahead and discussing new trends in divorce and divorce mediation. What could all this mean for your divorce? Keep reading to learn more.

Current Divorce Rates And Statistics

What Is The Number #1 Cause Of Divorce?

The number one cause of divorce differs depending on the couple and location. But some of  the most common causes of divorce for our clients include a lack of commitment, infidelity, financial strain, and extended or constant conflict. Most couples find that their divorce happens after several problems accumulate over time, and there is a “final straw” that finally leads to divorce.

Other predictors of divorce include  lack of intimacy, poor communication, different beliefs or morals, and abuse.

Trends In Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an excellent option for a couple that wants to separate without paying expensive legal fees and going to court. As divorce mediation becomes more popular, these are some trends we’re seeing.

  • Collaborative Team Mediation(c): Collaborative team mediation(c) is a process where a group of experts assists in all aspects of a divorce.  This trend is rather new because I just created it 🙂 Notably, attorneys are not a part of the team, but do play a peripheral role.  More on this in a moment.
  • Counseling Lens: Divorce mediation doesn’t need to be an impersonal process. Many couples look for emotional support as they make difficult decisions about their divorce and future. The trend is to now include a divorce or co-parenting coach in your mediation process.  The support provided by a coach can be a tremendous help in navigating emotions and concerns throughout and after the divorce mediation.
  • Fewer Lawyers: More couples than ever before are opting to forego the court system and mediate their divorces instead. This choice comes as couples realize there is a more peaceful, amicable, collaborative, less expensive way to divorce.

So, What Is Collaborative Team Mediation(c)?

Well you may not have heard that phrase before, because I coined it as part of my paradigm shift in divorce mediation services.  For years I’ve been wanting to offer a more supportive, sophisticated option for divorce and am finally launching it with my new business Modern Mediation (more to come and new website to go live soon!) Collaborative Team Mediation(c) is a new option for couples that have a complex estate or greater wealth. A group of professionals will provide comprehensive and highly professional support to the divorcing couple at a fraction of the cost of hiring lawyers. This team includes your Mediator, as well as certified divorce financial analysts (CDFAs), estate planners, and retirement experts. Collaborative Team Mediation(c) also uses the services of divorce and co-parenting coaches who can provide significant emotional support and guidance.  Unlike other types of divorce models, attorneys are not part of your team because true mediation, IMHO, is not based in the law but based in client-centered, person-centered psychology.  Of course, you will have the opportunity to obtain legal advice and have independent attorneys review all your agreements and court documents.  The attorneys just won’t be an integral part of your decision-making process.

Get Ready For Divorce With Our Free Checklist

When you’re ready for an amicable, even peaceful, divorce, work with a divorce mediator who understands the latest trends and processes in divorce mediation.

At Affordable Mediation (and soon Modern Mediation), Owner/Mediator Mara Linder has over 15 years of mediation experience, has a background in counseling psychology, and has been a licensed Arizona attorney for more than 30 years, helping Arizona families through divorce and separation. You can start step one of our Five-Step Mediation Process today by downloading our Divorce Mediation Preparation Checklist or calling our office to learn more about how to have a more peaceful, sophisticated divorce.