Concierge Services For Divorce!

I’m always excited to find services that may be helpful for my divorce mediation clients.  So, I was pleased to meet Amy Bloomberg Corben and Sheri Heitner-Anderson, the masterminds behind the new Divorce Concierge Service untied.

untied is an all-encompassing concierge service for women and men contemplating separation or divorce.  For couples coming out of the Pandemic, this service couldn’t be more timely. untied is the complete support system for the management of your separation or divorce with services that include financial document sourcing, a wide network of professional references and the expertise to help navigate the numerous challenges along the way.

The concept of untied was borne out of frustration over the lack of resources available to those navigating down this path and having to gather endless financial records, sell a home, secure counseling for themselves and/or their children, assure financial support and a status quo lifestyle, and other problematic tasks all the while grieving the end of a marriage.

“When I was going through my divorce after a nearly 24-year marriage, it became evident to me there wasn’t a lot of information available to help guide people through the arduous process,” said co-founder Amy Bloomberg Corben. “I found very few resources beyond a referral or two from a girlfriend. We wanted to create something unique and provide those going through separation or divorce with a roadmap that wasn’t available to me at the time.”

“When you’re finding it hard to function and just get out of bed in the morning, trying to adhere to a parenting schedule, uncover and deliver on many of the necessary timely documents and have a fear of not knowing what I did not know,” said co-founder Sheri Heitner-Anderson. “We want to make this journey in our clients’ lives more manageable, less stressful, more organized and focused to save time and money.

There are many things to consider in preparation to meet or consult with a family law mediator (or attorney, but try a mediator first!) and untied can help you with organizing and downloading important financial documents that may include a year of statements for all of your bank accounts, credit card companies, mortgage loan company, HELOC’s, retirement and investment accounts, auto loans, three years of tax returns, and determining what debt you may have.  From the personal side, you would want to have copies of your health insurance provisions, life insurance policies, a family will and trust.  The list can seem endless unless you have a comprehensive check list which untied provides and ensures no stone is left unturned in the process.

untied offers clients a complimentary confidential 20-minute phone consultation, followed by a questionnaire and comprehensive intake session to provide a more thorough picture of the complexities of each particular client scenario. Couples that have built a life together have many entanglements that will need to be untied with care and with eyes wide open. untied will help map out the necessary guide to steer clients in the direction of preparedness and eventually helping them to moving on to living and creating their New Best Life.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation or a more comprehensive intake session, please visit or email