Co-Parenting and Calendar Apps for Divorced Parents

We recently covered the co-parenting trend, as highlighted by some celebrity couples and their co-parenting experiences. But they probably have paid staff to handle most of the little details that need to be managed in a co-parenting situation, like time, money, documents, and more. Luckily for the rest of us, there are some pretty handy apps that can help parents manage their new co-parenting tasks.

Co-Parenting Apps

As you evaluate these apps, test each one on its ability to manage time with the kids, plan their activities, account for shared finances, and keep a good record of communications and documents. Most of these offer a free trial. Take advantage of that. Use them. Really dig into their features and functionality. Make sure your ex is doing the same. This is another decision on which you’ll have to agree.

So, what co-parenting apps are available? Check these out. And for the record, we do not endorse any one of these, and we do not make any money from them, in any way. We list these for your convenience.

  • 2Houses: Available as both a web and mobile app, this app syncs calendars, manages shared expenses, and communicates via messages.
  • Coparently: This web and mobile app focuses on helping you spend more time with your kids, and less with your ex, manages calendars, finances, and communications.
  • Cozi: Built for families, it can also be used for co-parenting. Keep grocery lists, activities, meal plans, and more on this app.
  • AppClose: Multi-functional calendars, messenger, time requests, and expense tracking. It allows you to loop in (via ‘circles’) other people who don’t even use the app, like friends and grandparents.
  • Talking Parents: A co-parenting app whose features include a shared calendar, documents and file storage, unalterable communications,  and more.
  • Google Calendar: If you’re already using Google Calendar, this may be one of the easiest options. Make a shared calendar (for each kid, even) and you’ll always know the plan.

There you go! Give those a try, and please…let us know what you think. Find one you love? One you just can’t stand? Give us some feedback, and we’ll keep this list updated.