“You are incredibly good at what you do, which is all too rare these days. Your process helps couples be fair and civil to each other. You give humanity to an awful ordeal. Honestly, you made one of the most traumatic experiences of my life tolerable and productive and dealt with a tremendously volatile situation with amazing conflict resolution skills. Thank you for being such a good professional and kind person.”

E.S., Client

“Thank you for your kind service when we met with you. You helped make a very painful task a little more bearable.”

V.W., Client

“Thank you, Mara, for all your help in making this as simple and reasonable as possible.”

Todd. D, Client

“I wanted to let you know how satisfied I have been with your services, and how professional and thorough I think you are during the entire process. You were quick to respond, and these days that is very rare. I will highly recommend you to anyone that I know who needs to go through a divorce. Thank you for your help on this.”

C.N., Client

“Without taking sides, Mara was able to bring tact to the conversation and minimized emotion – a difficult thing to do – much appreciated. The mediation was extremely valuable – it saved my ex-husband and me a lot of time and money.”

K.M., Client

“Mara, thank you! Litigation is such an uncomfortable situation, so I’m thrilled that mediation turned out to be so much more civilized and efficient. I appreciate how you minimized arguments and moved us expeditiously towards agreement on every issue, no matter how rancorous. I think couples and their children will be much better off if they use mediation to work out their differences.”

John W., Client

“I really appreciate the effort you put forth to get our situation handled so well, and I thought you did an amazing job.  Thank you for being so pleasant to work with.  We both thought you provided the guidance and stability that we much needed to get this process handled efficiently and cost-effectively.  I’m really grateful we came to you.”

M.T., Client

“Having practiced as an Arizona attorney for 20 years with an emphasis in family law for 9 years, I can attest to the value of mediation for families and couples going through a divorce or separation. I have worked closely with Mara Linder throughout the years and highly recommend her services to any parties considering divorce. Mara is extremely professional and very sensitive to the needs of those facing the difficult transitions inherent in the divorce process.”

Daniel A. Zanon, JD, Family Law Attorney

“As part of my clinical practice, I have seen first-hand the painful effects of divorce. Mediation is an alternative to litigation that helps couples (and their children) through divorce in a way that is more compassionate, cooperative, and less stressful. Mara’s caring nature, along with her background in law and counseling, make her a great asset to divorcing couples. I highly recommend her as a mediator.”

Donna M.L. Heretick, PhD, Clinical Psychologist